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ABOUT ME | Short Stage of Mine

Now, active as a lecturer based on Information Technology, IT Consultant in some company in Jakarta and Bogor.

Safaruddin Hidayat
Al Ikhsan

Master Degree from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) majoring in Computer Sciences, Faculty of Matemathics and Natural Science.

Short Profile

The discription of me.. Here is the link to access my short profile.

My Blog

Here is my personal blog. I share a lot of my activity here.

Working Experience

This is my working experiences. You can access through this link.

Full Curriculum Vitae

Otherwise, you can access my full curriculum vitae on this link.

Sharing is Caring

Don’t look backword for very long. Keep moving forward. Doing new things. Be usefull for others.

Job & Working Experience

The world has been changed rapidly. We must take part on it by giving the best we can. Here is some of my working experiences.

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